Access and Water Supply Plan Review Submittal

Instructions for Fire Access and Water Supply Submittals:

  1. Determine if your project is a commercial development, partition, subdivision, agricultural/pole barn, or residential development (i.e. new apartment buildings are commercial).

  2. Fill out one of the forms listed below, based upon your project:
  3. Ensure ALL requested items listed in the checklist are provided in the site plan, prior to submittal.

  4. Upload completed checklists and site plans. INCOMPLETE CHECKLISTS OR SITE PLANS WILL BE RETURNED.

  5. Provide electronic signature.

  6. Submit checklist and site plan.

  7. Once submitted, the documents will be forwarded to the appropriate *Deputy Fire Marshal for review.

*A Deputy Fire Marshal will review your site plan. Any incomplete site plans will not be reviewed, and your approval will be delayed.