Training and Safety Division

Training and Safety DivisionThe Training and Safety Division is responsible for the coordination, facilitation and/or conducting of a wide variety of training for fire district personnel.

This training includes skills practice and skills enhancement in emergency medical techniques, swift water rescue, rope rescue, structural and wildland firefighting, hazardous materials incident response, collapse rescue and other emergency response related skills practice.

Training is conducted through the production of short courses that are developed for specific skill areas. Most of the training includes hands on skills practice at the District Training Center on SE 130th or is conducted in the fire stations by the firefighters. Firefighters also attend district sponsored training courses and conferences held throughout the western states.

The Training Division’s goal is to provide realistic, accurate, relevant and continual training that builds and enhances skills for the our personnel. The Training Division partners with area fire departments, fire districts and law enforcement agencies to Training and Safety Divisionconduct joint training exercises that foster cooperation among agencies. This leads to more cohesive operations at the scene of incidents in which multiple agencies are involved.

Deeply woven within Clackamas Fire District #1’s core values are the beliefs of excellent training and education.  Throughout the district’s strategic plan, mission statement, and organizational values, is the foundation of providing to the public the highest trained emergency personnel available.  The Training Division is responsible for the coordination and administration of all of the department’s training.