Clackamas Fire District # 1’s safety program is striving to make an impact in an already outstanding safety culture within this organization. In addition to working closely with Operations, Training, and Wellness staff to accomplish this: our Safety Committee that meets monthly to discuss preventive opportunities and to review accidents, injuries, and near-misses in order to develop recommendations to reduce or limit the re occurrence of future similar events; a Research and Development Program designed to evaluate and test tools and equipment prior to making purchasing decisions; we provide oversight of our Personal Protective Equipment program; we partner with Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OR-OSHA), State Accident Insurance fund (SAIF), and our agent of record to assure that we are meeting their requirements and utilizing their expertise to improve firefighter and employee safety; and finally, we utilize the results of near-miss reports, accident investigations, and after action reviews to gain and share lessons from within as well as outside of our organization.

Regulatory OR-OSHA documents along with consensus standards such as NFPA 1500- Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, NFPA 1521 – Fire Department Safety Officer, and many other NFPA documents and industry literature are utilized to develop Standard Operating Procedures, Fire Rescue Protocols, Program Management Guidance, and equipment decisions.

Clackamas Fire District #1 has a long history of being a leader in fire service. Where safety is concerned, we are leading in the region and state in the way of networking and sharing information with other agencies via membership and leadership roles in the Metro Safety Officer’s Association and assisting in the development of the Oregon Fire Chief’s Association Safety & Health Section.