Training Facilities

Training Campus

Located in the center of our fire district is the central training campus.  It consists of four acres of state of the art training props, classrooms and drill grounds.

(click HERE for a campus map)


  • Training Center (click HERE for a map)
    The cog of the training campus is the Training Center, which houses four state of the art training rooms.  The two largest rooms can be opened up to seat over 100 people and are outfitted with multimedia equipment.
  • Training Offices & Logistics (click HERE for a map)
    This is where our Training Office is located, along with the fire district logistics center.
  • Tower
    The training tower is five stories and simulates a low rise commercial or residential facility.  It is equipped with a standpipe, open balconies, window openings and roof hatches to reproduce most of the situations in which firefighters can be faced.  The tower is equipped for rigging and rappelling to train our rope technicians.
  • Warehouse
    The warehouse structure is a multi faceted building that reproduces a variety of structures depending on what side from which you approach it.  It is built with a full basement, attic space and loading dock.
  • USAR
    The Urban Search and Rescue crews come to the Training Center to drill in situations involving catastrophic building collapses and heavy victim entrapment. Areas within the USAR vicinity are concrete cutting, lifting, metal cutting, burning, structural support, and shoring.
  • CSR
    Underneath the northeast grounds of the Training Center are the below grade tunnels and vaults of the confined space training props. A series of tunnels begin in a trench and traverse to an above ground silo. The underground tunnels continue to surface periodically through vaults and manholes.
Live Fire Training Center

Located at our rural Fire Station 10 is our Live Fire Training Center.

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  • Classroom
    A fully climate control Classroom that will hold up to 60 people. The built in audio visual system has a state of the art media center with internet access.
  • Live Fire Training Prop
    A converted shipping container was constructed to engineered tolerance to reproduce simulated compartment fire situations. The specific use of this prop builds fundamental understanding of compartment fire behavior, fire control methods and applications of recognition of key fire behavior indicators. Fundamental understanding of compartment fire behavior and quick recognition of key fire behavior indicators lead to safer and more efficient operations.