Smoke Alarms

Smoke AlarmsWhen installed properly and maintained, working smoke alarms can prevent injuries and deaths. Smoke alarms allow for early detection to get out of the structure before toxic fumes accumulate to lethal levels. Most fire deaths and injuries occur at night between midnight and 8am while victims are asleep. Well maintained and functioning smoke alarms save lives!

Where Do I Install?

  • In Every Home
  • In Every Bedroom
  • Outside Each Sleeping Area
  • On Every Level of Building

Mount on the ceiling no less than four inches from the wall. If ceiling installation is not possible, mount on a wall, 4 to 12 inches down from the ceiling. Do not mount them in a corner because gases can form an air pocket preventing the smoke alarm from functioning properly. If your ceiling is vaulted, install the smoke alarm within 3 ft. of the highest point.


Test your smoke alarms monthly by pressing the test button to ensure the alarms are in working order. Clackamas Fire District #1 recommends replacing smoke alarms that are 10 years or older.

Is your smoke alarm “chirping?” It may need cleaning. Vacuum your alarms monthly to remove dust and cobwebs. Another cause of “chirping” is that the battery is getting low. If your smoke alarm has the standard 9v battery, the battery may need to be replaced or a new smoke alarm may be necessary. A good time to replace batteries in all smoke alarms is during the time changes in the spring and fall. 10 year batteries may not need to be changed but must be tested.

What To Look For In Smoke Alarms

  • UL Listed Smoke Alarm
  • Hush Feature
  • Long Life (10-Year) Lithium Battery (if solely battery powered)
  • Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarms (if necessary)

Tenant/Sale Of Dwelling

All tenant occupied or rental dwellings shall have smoke alarms currently in compliance with Oregon requirements. Upon the sale or transfer of any dwelling, smoke alarms must also be in compliance with the Oregon requirements before transfer. If the dwelling is currently equipped with hard-wired (electrical) smoke alarms, and if they are not in compliance, they must be replaced with the same (Installing battery powered smoke alarms only does not meet compliance). If the dwelling is currently equipped with solely battery powered smoke alarms, you may replace with battery powered smoke alarms. Whether you live in a rented house or apartment, your landlord is required to provide you with a working smoke alarm. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the smoke alarm(s) in good working condition.