Residential Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives!

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How are Homes Getting Built with Residential Fire Sprinklers?

New Single Family Dwellings

Within Clackamas Fire District #1’s response area, residential fire sprinklers may be recommended in lieu of meeting minimum fire flow requirements or fire department access.

CFD#1 would like to encourage you to install a residential fire sprinkler system in your new single family dwelling.

Please contact the Clackamas Fire District #1-Fire Prevention Division for further questions: 503-742-2660

See NFPA 13D-Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One and Two Family Dwellings for further design requirements:

Common Questions

Residential Fire Sprinklers

All residential fire sprinkler systems shall be designed by a knowledgeable and trained person as approved by local permit authority. NFPA 13D-Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes will guide in determining a sufficient water source.  Some circumstances, depending upon your sprinkler water demand, you may be able to use city water supply, stationary water tank or wells.

Manufactures specify that a standard 5/8”x 3/4” water meter will only provide 20 PSI of water pressure.  NFPA 13D-Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems In One and Two Family Dwellings requires a two head sprinkler design, meaning, your pressure needed to support that system is 26 PSI. A full 3/4″ water meter is needed to properly support the sprinkler demand.