Rules For Christmas Tree Growers

The burning of Christmas Trees and Christmas tree waste material should be the last resort after investigating all other options; it is State policy to eliminate Open Burning disposal practices where alternative disposal methods are feasible, practicable and to encourage alternative disposal methods that emphasize resource recovery.

  • Christmas tree growers having more than one acre of planted Christmas Trees are considered agricultural operators and therefore may qualify for the agricultural waste burning of Christmas Trees
  • Rules specific for Agricultural Christmas Tree Waste Burning are only recognized for the time period between October 15 and May 31 of the following year
  • CFD1 Agricultural Christmas Tree Waste Burning rules are only valid when accompanied by a current Special Burn Permit for the burning of Christmas trees
  • The Oregon Department of Agriculture burn line 503-986-4755 is the designated burn line. Burning is allowed only on burn days during the burn hours given. “Not recommended” means no burning
  • Burning conducted on a “not recommended” burn day, outside of the listed hours or without a current CFD1 Special Burn Permit will constitute an unlawful fire and, if reported will result in extinguishment and invoicing of cost recovery fees for the services
  • Smoke from open burning must not obscure any public roadway or create a hazard to public safety
  • Fires must be limited in size (30’x 30’) and not be a hazard to people, property or standing vegetation
  • There is a ten ton limit per day of material that can be burned
  • Burn piles require at least 50’ of separation from combustibles and others property line
  • Fires must be attended at all times until extinguished at the Fires-Out time
  • Fire fighting tools, equipment, and/or an adequate water supply, in addition to personnel trained to use fire suppression resources, must be in attendance and capable of extinguishing the fire at all times
  • The Oregon Fire Code (307.3) authorizes the Fire Code Official to order the extinguishment by the permit holder, another person responsible, or the fire department of Open Burning that creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation
  • Violating established CFD1 Open Burning Rules may result in a letter revoking all Open Burning privileges for repeat offenders
  • All CFD1 Special Burn Permits require a 10 day advanced notice and are valid for 15 days with the possibility of a 15 day extension by telephone
  • We strongly encourage and may require a drying period of 180 days and the covering of piles to promote drying and efficient combustion.