Suppression Volunteers

Suppression VolunteersThe Volunteer Suppression Firefighters are members that live both inside or outside the fire district. These volunteers perform suppression firefighting, emergency medical care, fire prevention duties, and other incident response services.

Currently, suppression volunteers respond from the Logan Community Fire Station 12, Clarkes Community Fire Station 13, Eagle Creek Community Fire Station 18, and George Rd. Community Fire Station 333.

Suppression VolunteersVolunteer Firefighters are trained to the level of Firefighter I and EMT and also have access to many other training opportunities including NFPA certifications and emergency medical continuing education. This training not only helps sharpen their skills, but also prepares them for a full-time career in the fire service if that is what they are working towards.

Suppression volunteers are required to attend weekly drills, duty shifts and community events throughout the year. They also must meet the same NFPA firefighter medical/physical requirements as career firefighters.

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