Support Volunteers

Support Volunteers provide the necessary support to meet the district’s mission by engaging in a variety of functions and roles including rehabilitation response and support, command bus response, water tender response and Chaplain duties.


Support VolunteersThe Rehab Volunteers perform support operations for emergency scenes by providing incident rehabilitation services in addition to first aid, fire prevention duties, public relations and other specialized emergency scene support functions. Our rehab apparatus are called to respond on all working fires, as well as other special call incidents.

These volunteers also provide incident response on the Mobile Command Bus, which is dispatched on every second alarm or greater incident.



Water Tender Operator

Support VolunteersThe Volunteer Water Tender Operators provide a specialized service of responding and operating Water Tender Apparatus only.

These volunteers respond to all fires and incidents within and outside the fire district in areas where hydrants are not available.






Clackamas Fire has a dedicated contingent of non-denominational Chaplains available for response to critical events. District Chaplains offer a “ministry of presence” as they assist families, patients and victims in their time of need. In addition to fulfilling their duties to the members of their congregations, theses community volunteers are on call to provide comfort, support and guidance to those who have experienced harm or loss as a result of fire, catastrophic occurrence, or medical emergency.

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to respond to critical incident stress situations for the citizens of the fire district well as the firefighters.