What is keeping you from preparing your family for disaster?

A national survey showed that a majority of Americans are familiar with the threats that face their community.  Despite being aware of potential threats, most survey participants admitted to not being prepared for disasters.  Below are several of the reasons survey participants gave for not being ready for a disaster.

“It won’t happen to me” 

We in the Northwest are especially guilty of this one.  Because we do not experience disasters with the same frequency as some parts of the U.S. we wrongly believe a large disaster will never impact our community.  The reality is there are several hazards facing our region.  The good news is taking steps now can greatly increase the safety of our families.

For more information on the hazards that face our community –go to:


“The government has a plan”

The truth is government officials do have a plan.  A big part of that plan is to work in the

communities they serve to increase awareness of the importance of family preparedness. Although, First Responders and government agencies are aggressively preparing for the next big disaster, the truth is their response might take days or even weeks.  Families need to take steps now to prepare themselves to be on their own for up to 2 weeks!

“It takes too much time and cost too  much”

  • Shop at the large chain discount stores. You will not only find big savings you will likely get everything you need in one place.
  • Stock up on inexpensive canned foods rather than costly extended shelf life foods. A great food strategy is to rotate your canned food annually by donating to the local food bank. This will ensure your emergency food is never out of date, you will get a tax deduction and most importantly you will help people at a time when they need it most.
  • Consider buying in bulk with other families.

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