Be Informed

The first step in helping your family become more resilient to disaster  is to be informed of the hazards that face your community.   Government officials conduct and frequently update an analysis of the hazards that face our region and are vulnerabilities to these hazards.  Below are the most common and dangerous natural threats facing our community.

Winter Storm

The Northwest is particularly vulnerable to winter storms.  We are not as experienced or as well equipped as communities that experience severe winter storms more frequently.

Learn what steps you can take to prepare for winter storms:


Flooding is certainly something we are accustomed to in the Northwest.  Every year floods pose a significant threat to life and property.  Knowing how to protect your family and home is vitally important.  Learn how to protect your property and family:  Our wet weather also puts many areas at risk for landslides as well:


The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) is the greatest threat facing our region.  Scientist believe the earthquakes associated with the CSZ occur with regular predictability.  Geological evidence would suggest we are due for one.  The earthquake is projected to be a magnitude 9 and shake for up to 5 minutes!  An earthquake of this magnitude will severely challenge our infrastructure and the response capability of emergency services.  All families should do all they can to become more disaster resilient before the CSZ earthquake occurs!