Disaster Kit

Your kit is the cornerstone of your disaster preparations.  It does not need to be expensive or time consuming to put together.   We encourage everyone to have sufficient food, water and  medical supplies to provide for your family’s safety for 2 weeks.  Your kit should be portable and easy to transport in the event you need to evacuate your home.

A disaster may not always strike when you are at home.  We recommend you consider keeping the items below plus 3 days of food and water in a kit in your car.  For many of us our car is almost always with us.  Having a kit in your car will also serve to keep you comfortable in the event an unforeseen incident delays you from getting home.

Your kit should at least contain these essentials:

  • Water
  • Food
  • First aid and medical supplies
  • Lighting
  • Family communication plan
  • Shelter
  • Fire building
  • Personal hygiene
  • Direction finding (map and compass)
  • Communication (AM radio)

Click here for a more detailed Disaster Kit Checklist