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Safety Trailer

Clackamas Fire District #1’s Fire Safety Trailer is the newest edition to our prevention program. Purchased through the assistance to Firefighters-Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program. The total cost of the trailer was $55,000. Clackamas Fire District #1 paid $17,000 for the 30% required matching funds, while the grant covered the remainder.

The safety trailer is equipped with a variety of props for teaching many aspects of safety. Cooking safety, gun safety, water safety and bicycle safety can be taught as well. The fire safety trailer is a versatile tool to teach fire safety to all ages. The trailer is equipped with a smoke machine to simulate a real life scenario of doing a home fire escape. The safety trailer allows fire district personnel to teach in a large group setting or just one-on-one.

The trailer is housed at Oak Lodge and is available for use upon request for most all public, school and special events. For more information please call 503-742-2660.

Kids Playing With Matches (Juvenile Fire Setters)

Juveniles (children up to the age of 18) playing with fire is an issue that should be taken seriously. In Oregon, in the past 5 years, 16 people have died because of juvenile set fires. Although children may be curious about fire, they should never be allowed to play or experiment with it.

Motivation for playing with or setting fires can include:

  • Curiosity
  • Anger
  • Peer pressure
  • Revenge
  • Boredom
  • Want attention

Preventing children from playing with fire must start within the home. Some tips for handling fire setting behavior are:

  • Prevent matches and lighters from being readily available
  • Teach your children by setting a good example
  • Hold a consistent position of matches and lighters being tools not toys
  • Make a clear understanding to your children of trouble and injury that can come from fire play

If your child continues this behavior or the fire play goes beyond what you can control, Clackamas Fire District #1 has a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program to help. For more information contact Fire Prevention Division 503-742-2660.

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