Heat Treating plant fire in Clackamas goe to two alarms (Photo)

Workers at Met-Tek Inc. at 15651 SE 125th Court called 911 this morning to report a container with cooling oil was on fire. The first arriving apparatus from Clackamas Fire found fire coming from a tank of oil, used to cool hot metal, near the front doors of the building and a second alarm was dispatched. Extinguishment was hampered due to the material burning was reactive to water so Firefighters had to use fire extinguishers to attack the fire. They were unable to extinguish the fire so Truck companies went to the roof to ventilate and allow the hot gasses and smoke to leave the building. The fire did not spread from the container and was allowed to burn until foam could be used to extinguish the fire and due to the large amount of foam needed a crew from the Portland Airport Fire and Rescued delivered foam. No employees or firefighters were injured and Haz Mat 27 from Clackamas Fire was monitoring the air near the building for hazards. Firefighters from Portland Fire and the Port. of Portland assisted at the fire. Fire Investigators are on scene and no cause has been determined at this time.

Remember that some fires in your home are safer and easier to extinguish with a fire extinguisher so have one close by in the kitchen and know how to use it. If you have any questions about fire extinguisher use you can contact us by going to our web site and in the What’s new area you can click on ask Clackamas Fire.
Source: CFD1 Flash Alert