Address / Smoke Alarm Program

The 100/100 Program

The 100/100 program has two focuses:

  • See that 100% of the homes have working smoke alarms with 10 year batteries
  • See that 100% of the homes have address numbers that are plainly visible for responding firefighters.

Working smoke alarms save lives and are crucial in alerting occupants of a fire. Improperly marked addresses or missing house numbers can lead to disastrous circumstances. Firefighters must be able to see the home’s address to be able to respond quickly.

Smoke Alarms

Address / Smoke Alarm ProgramSmoke alarms save lives! Through early detection of a fire, the occupants of the building have time to escape. Clackamas Fire District #1 recognizes the value of this early warning of a fire and is committed to getting smoke detectors into 100 percent of the homes in the fire district. To achieve this goal, the fire district ensures that each fire apparatus has a supply of smoke detectors that can be installed by the firefighters after an emergency call. Another way of achieving this goal is through the 100/100 program.

The fire district is able to help homeowners help protect themselves! The firefighters of Clackamas Fire District #1 are able to install smoke alarms for those who are physically unable to install them. Additionally, smoke alarms are available for those with limited financial resources. If you need assistance with installing a smoke alarm or would like to request assistance installing a smoke alarm please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 503-742-2660. You may also call or stop by the fire station nearest you.

Address Signs

Address / Smoke Alarm ProgramHomeowners are encouraged to make sure that their home has properly marked address numbers. The house numbers should be at least 4” tall and of a contrasting color that will stand out. The firefighters can help by suggesting a good location for home address numbers or with the installation of address numbers. Clackamas Fire is only providing address signs within our designated response areas. For areas outside Clackamas Fire, please contact your local fire department for more information.

The firefighters of Clackamas Fire District #1 are also able to help those with limited financial resources obtain the materials to address the home. If you need help with addressing your home or with obtaining addressing materials please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 503-742-2660. You may also call or stop by the fire station nearest you.