What exceptions are made to the above invoicing guidelines?

There are three general exceptions to invoicing for false alarms.

  • If your business has a current building permit for major construction project(s) at this location as we understand that during demolition and construction things happen that can activate an alarm system accidentally. Since we are involved in the plans review and inspection process of these projects, our staff generally knows of these permitted projects.
  • If your alarm company is performing an alarm system upgrade, not routine maintenance and testing of your alarm system, we will not invoice for any responses during the specific hours of this work.
  • If the fire alarm activation is a result of a fire. Our fire report will have documents that fire personnel extinguished, investigated, or completed smoke removal on your fire. Regular cooking and smoke from burnt toast is not considered a fire but an alarm system engineering or installation problem, especially if it occurs with any frequency.

All other false alarm responses qualify for invoicing.