Lock Box Options

If you want to provide the Fire District with access to your building or property, please review the options below:

  • Commercial: Several major lock manufacturers (Supra and Knox) make combination key boxes. Your business can purchase one of these, mount it near the front door and place appropriate building keys inside that are labeled by location. During a response to your address, fire crews can consider using your key box to access the key to your building.  The combination to your key box will be displayed on the computer in the responding fire engine. If you change the code you must contact the Lock Box hotline or the Fire District.
  • Residential: Local hardware stores sell combination key boxes for residences. You can purchase one of these and install it near your front door. One you have placed a key in it, submit this form to the Fire District or call the hotline below.
  • Gates: If you have an electric gate you will need to install a Red Metal Fire Box to provide access. Most local gate and overhead door companies can provide this service. Once it is installed, the Fire District will come out and place our Fire District padlock to secure it closed. The padlock is provided by the Fire District at no charge. If you have a manual gate that you want to provide access through we may also provide a Fire District padlock depending on the situation.

If you have questions, please call Lock Box Hotline: 503-742-2958.