Lock Box Program

Lock Box Program

The Lock Box Program utilizes red and whited striped lock boxes (see right) to allow emergency fire department access after-hours. The goal of the Program is to reduce smoke, fire, or water damage during an emergency or alarm. The Program has a narrow scope and includes only commercial occupancies that pose access challenges or unique risks. Inclusion into the Program is by invitation only. The fire engines carry a secured key that can access these lock boxes when the need arises. Currently, there are less than 100 participants in our entire Fire District. There is no code requirement for a Lock Box in our Fire District. If you feel your commercial occupancy might meet our Program needs you are welcome to contact us.

If don’t meet the parameters of the Program you can still provide access using our alternative options. Any commercial or residential occupancy can install their own key box and provide the District with the code. We will store the code to your key box on our secure computer system so that we can access it during an emergency. We will also accept codes to security systems that utilize numeric codes to access your building. There are many styles of key boxes available on the market and personal Lock Box Programpreference will be driven by cost and security concerns. As an example, a residence may provide a combination key box from a local hardware store (cost $20), while a business may provide a commercial Supra or Knox box that is recessed into a brick wall and alarmed. Any one will work if it utilizes a code. We will not accept key fobs or cards from businesses.

Electric and manual gate access are managed under this Program as well. If you want to provide access through an electric gate you will need to install a Red Metal Fire Box. This box has a micro switch that is activated when we open the front door. The door is locked shut with one of the Fire Districts padlocks. We provide the padlock once the system is in place. If you have a manual gate we may provide a Fire District padlock in some situations. Normally, manual gates are accessed by cutting the chain or lock as needed.

All inquiries to the Lock Box Program can be directed to the Lock Box Program hotline at 503-742-2958.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lock Boxes

The Lock Box Program is in place to provide commercial and residential occupancies options in minimizing possible property damage in the case of an emergency. The program involves Lock Boxes, Combination Key Boxes, and Fire Department Locks. This program has a single point of accountability along with implemented maintenance tools.

Each commercial request is carefully reviewed by the Captain of the fire station that is within the fire management zone of the commercial occupancy. After careful review, if the occupancy meets both the customer and Fire District’s need, they will be included. If they are not included, they can still participate by using the alternative options. This can include installing their own commercial combination key box and giving the Fire District the code.

Residential customers can only participate through the alternative options. Typically, they purchase and provide their own combination key box (from a local hardware store) and give us the code.

Unapproved commercial occupancies and residential occupancies can utilize other options through the Lock Box Program. Any business or residence can install a Combination Key Box of their choice. A Lock Box Options form must be requested and complete. This process gets the combination for a given key box at a location into our computer system on the fire engines. The computer system information is secure and only available to authorized emergency response personnel. To obtain a form please call the Fire District at 503-742-2600 or click on the link below.


Electric gate access can utilize a Red Metal Fire Box that we secure with a Fire District padlock. This is a padlock that is specially keyed just for the Fire District and only we carry the key. The Red Metal Fire box opens the gate when the padlock is removed and the front door is opened. The Fire District padlock secures it closed and it is only for Fire District use. The Red Metal Fire Box can be installed by any local gate company. Manual gates can also use a Fire Department Lock in some situations. The padlock can be added to an existing chain on a gate in tandem with your padlock. A Lock Box Options form needs to be completed.

The Lock Box Program is voluntary and not required by the Fire District or Fire Marshal’s Office. Commercial occupancies may be approached to participate if the Fire District feels it is in the best interest of both parties. The District strongly recommends gate access for all customers.

All combination key boxes or Lock Boxes should be installed near front/main entrance and at a height of 6 feet.

You can contact the Lock Box Hotline at 503-742-2958 and leave a message. You are also welcome to call the Fire District’s during business hours at 503-742-2600

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